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There is no legal requirement to give your book an ISBN (International Standard Book Number). However without an ISBN a book cannot be ordered through retail and online bookshops as all electronic ordering systems use the ISBN as a unique identifying reference code for book searches.

The ISBN also provides access to your printed work from a number of bibliographic databases such as BookData Online, these databases are used by booksellers and libraries to provide information to their customers.

ISBN’s are assigned to individual Publishers a ‘Publisher’ is normally the person or body responsible for taking the financial risk in making the product available for sale to the public. The UK ISBN agency can only issue ISBN numbers to Publishers registered or living in the UK and Ireland. They are available in blocks of 10 numbers from Nielsen UK ISBN Agency, the current price is £118.68 including VAT for a block of 10 numbers.

Nielsen UK ISBN Agency

Nielsen UK ISBN Agency +44 (01)1483 712 215


Self Publishing Direct can generate your ISBN barcode from your ISBN Number ready for you to add to your book cover.

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ISBN barcodes are supplied to you by email as print ready 300dpi TIFF, this image file format can easily be inserted into MS Word, Publisher and Adobe Photoshop. Barcode Format: 44mm x 25mm (1.75″ x 1″). We also give you the option of adding your ‘Publisher Details’, ‘Price’ and ‘Year of Publication’.

The price for ISBN Barcode Creation using your ISBN number is just £3.99. Complete the form below to receive your high quality print ready ISBN Barcode.